Monday, October 1, 2007


The world left the Dark Ages behind thanks to the people empowering themselves in what became known as the Renaissance Age.

This fact is a reminder of what empowerment is capable of doing. It is also a reminder of what will happen if we neglect to continue empowering ourselves.

This blog is a dedication to anything and everything that empowers the people, whether politically, philosophically, spiritually, scientifically, personally, artistically, technologically, athletically, etc.

You will see 5 things on this blog:

1. Posts containing collections of links (no use in re-writing what has already been written) or my own thoughts about anything that empowers we the people of the world.

2. A daily, updated news feed of articles and information related to empowerment.

3. A list of blogs that are empowerment focused.

4. The means to be notified via email any time this blog is updated with a new post (Blogarithm, on the right side of the blog).

5. The belief that individual forms of empowerment are each a brushstroke on the painting of a better world, that no single form paints the entire picture.

The more we empower ourselves, the better off we the people of the world will be. I’m glad to have you here and I hope you continue to visit.